ELA Container - Premiumcontainer Außenansicht Stirnseite, die Einsparpotential gegenüber Qualitätsallrounder darstellt
Premium container

1/2 m wider,
25% potential savings

Rent containers and save up to 25 per cent on container costs: ELA premium containers are a clever way to create modern living and working areas quickly and cost-effectively. The trick is the width of these special ELA rented containers. The ELA premium container is half a metre wider than a standard container. That means 3 m² more space for a better ambiance and even more furnishing and fitting options.

0.5 metres wider
Creates 3 m² more usable area
Better ambiance
Potential savings of up to 25 per cent
Even more furnishing and fitting options
Combinable with quality all-rounders
ELA Container - Better ambiance

Better ambiance

An extra half metre can sometimes make a big difference: In ELA premium containers, the extra 3-metre width makes a noticeable improvement to the ambiance. With more light, more space and more furnishing and fitting options, ELA premium containers provide a pleasantly airy room experience.

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ELA Container - 3 m² more usable area
Floor space

3 m² more usable area

ELA premium containers have 20 per cent more space. This means that it takes fewer containers to build a certain usable area than it would with standard containers. This saves money in terms of both rent and transport and assembly. The scale of the potential savings is up to 25 per cent.

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