ELA Container at the 21st Family Business Congress

Large window elements with roller shutters create flexible lighting levels.
Large window elements with roller shutters create flexible lighting levels.


Type and number of containers

Three ELA premium containers

Floor space

Approx. 54 m²


Shuttle terminal/reception room, common rooms/work rooms


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032 Inner walls and ceiling: White Floor: Vinyl, grey

Extra equipment

Supply conduit, split air-conditioning equipment, external aluminium double doors, glazed, 2,000 × 2,100 mm

Purchased or leased


Duration of use

One week

Set-up date

February 2019

The Witten/Herdecke University recently hosted the 21st Family Business Congress. This year, the theme of the two-day event was “Showing your colours – courageous dialogue” and offered a varied programme of workshops, inspirational talks and panel discussions on this topic. ELA Container has been a partner of the congress for many years now.


“We are a family business par excellence,” says Managing Director Günter Albers. He and his siblings Tim Albers and Liesel Albers-Bentlage are the second generation of the family to manage the business’ affairs. “We are aware of our particular corporate responsibilities as well as our family obligations and welcome the opportunity afforded by the Congress to share experiences,” Albers continues.


The student-based organisation team purposefully chose “Showing your colours” as the guiding theme of this year’s event. “Given the complexity of our current era, it is more important than ever to develop an opinion and show one’s colours through one’s own conduct,” the students’ welcome address stated. The event included talks by motivational speakers and philosophers. The Congress’ sponsor was Tobias Bachmüller of the confectioner Katjes Fassin.


ELA Container presented itself at the event via its products, among other things: three ELA premium containers served as shuttle terminals and a reception room for a smoothly running Congress schedule. Event Director Benjamin Waldow praised the ELA team and was impressed by the service offered: “The collaboration with ELA was seamless. Overly punctual, direct and reliable – simply a great team. Thanks for the support.”

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